After architectural designs have been completed special cases may arise where engineering designs are needed. These special cases may arise due to the nature of design as in multi-storey buildings or sometimes due to the soil conditions as in the special foundation. Each case requires an engineering drawing tailored to address the structural case. Engineering drawings are also mandatory in civil projects such as road , sewer and water reticulation. Build-fast has an engineering department that is always ready to address engineering services as per client requirements. Some of the engineering services are listed below

Residential Structural/Civil Engineering designs

Soil Tests and Ground assessment

Special Foundations

Roof Trusses Layouts

Double/Multi-Storey layouts

Access roads design.

Commercial Structural /Civil Engineering designs

Steel sheds and warehouses


Double/Multi-storey layouts

Sewer and water reticulation

Road and pavement

Agricultural Structural/Civil Engineering design.


Farm Structures

Irrigation design

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