Before a structure can be built there is need for the production of a design that abides with the council regulations and by laws. The design process requires an architect who works on it in consultation with the client so as to suit their needs. Build-fast offers comprehensive architectural services for both residential and commercial projects customized to suit each and every client’s needs. For each project both 2D drawings (working drawing) and the 3D (3 dimensional) drawings are produced for the client. The 2D drawings are the ones that go to the council for approval. These drawings contain notes, dimensions and construction specifications. On the other hand 3D drawings are done for the client to have a pictorial appreciation of how the structure will aesthetically come out like after construction. These designs will show the conceptual landscape, interior and exterior finish of the structure. Some of our architectural services are listed below

Residential Architectural

Double Storey houses

Single storey houses


Extension and Renovation designs

Boundary wall(Durawall)

Commercial Architectural designs

Cluster houses

Double and Multi storey designs

Steel sheds and warehouses

Billboards and masts

Boundary walls

Service station

Agricultural Architectural designs

Silos and Sheds

Poultry habitats

Piggery habitats


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