Things to consider before getting tiled roofing
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Things to consider before getting tiled roofing

Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. They are also expensive and heavy. Traditionally roofing tiles were made from fired clay but modern ones are mostly made from concrete.

Roofing tiles can come in many shapes, broadly put these are: curved, flat, fluted, or interlocking.

Tile roofing is a great choice for roofs in hot areas. When considering tile roofing do note that they are heavy and some types can break under certain conditions.

Types of tile roofing


Pros of Tile Roofing

There are many advantages to installing tile roofing, regardless of material or type. The advantages include:

Longevity: A tile roof can last over a century, when installed correctly. Clay and concrete tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire.

Plenty of choices: Clay and concrete tiles are made in a wide variety of colors and styles to match any home style.

Energy efficient: The heavy thermal mass of tiles will help insulate your home. It keeps temperatures cooler in the summer.

Low and easy maintenance: A well installed tile roofs has few leaks. Maintenance is very easy as inly the damaged tiles will be replaced.


Cons of Tile Roofing

Now for the drawbacks of installing tile roofing:

High cost: The labour cost and timber cost for a tile roof is very high, even though the cost of the tiles themselves varies and can be more or less expensive than other roofing solutions,.


Difficult to install: Tile installation is time consuming, laborious and requires a skilled professional. The tiles will need to be measured, laid in a specific pattern, and checked so that no moisture gets through and ruins your ceiling.

Heavy: A tile roof can weigh as much as five times a metal roof. This makes it important to get proper structural roof design.

Tiles are brittle: While very durable tiles can be broken if they suffer a heavy impact, such as from falling tree branches and repairs, when needed, tend to be expensive.

Not suitable for all roofs: Tile roofs are suitable only for roofs with relatively sharp slopes. They should not be used on roofs with pitches less than 4:12.

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